Free Period (2017)

When schoolgirl Leanne can’t afford a sanitary pad she lines her underwear with toilet paper and ends up bleeding in front of her class during a presentation. Leanne overcomes this humiliation with a shocking act of rebellion - against a bully, a teacher, and against the stigma which acts as a barrier to her needs. 'Free Period' is unashamedly a film with an opinion - that in the same way condoms are free and accessible for young people, sanitary products should be provided free of charge in schools, health centres and homeless shelters. (, 2020)

Directed by Alison Piper. 

Winner of the XX Award for best female protagonist at Underwire Festival 2017 (Nominated for Screenwriting Award) Winner of the Best Short Film award at Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2017 Winner - Best Actress in a short film (Jasmin Riggins) Socially Relevant Film Festival, New York 2018 3rd Place in the Palme Dewar Short Film Competition 2017